​Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the season?

Practices will begin in mid July with two practices a week (younger girls will only practice one day a week).  We will cheer for home football games in September and October (see schedule for games). The competition team will compete October-February.

How much will this cost?

Program fees for the football season are $175 and uniforms are around $125.  Program fees for the competition season are $200.  Uniforms will be used for at least 3 years. The 2017-2018 season will be our 5th season in our current uniform, so it will be our last
.  Only one uniform is needed. These fees include:

    -hair ribbon
    -uniform top
    -uniform skirt
    -body liner
    -bundies (aka briefs, lollies, spandex)
    -all competition fees
    -quality coaching from knowledgeable staff
    -fun with friends
    -memories that will last a lifetime

Used uniforms are available as the girls grow. We arrange a used uniform swap meeting just prior to placing our uniform order mid-summer.

Where will we practice?

We currently have practices scheduled at Pilgrim Park Middle School.

Do we cheer for basketball?


Can my 4th grader cheer with her 7th grade sister?

No.  For safety we will place girls on teams of similar age and grade.

How many competitions will they go to?

About 4-6.  They are on weekends and are mostly on Saturdays.  All competitions will be local, no extensive travel required.

Who will be their coach?

Our coaching staff is made up of current and former Brookfield East high school cheerleaders, many of whom were apart of the 2016 state championship team.

Will the athletes cheer at away football games?

Generally no.  The cheerleaders will mainly cheer at home games at Brookfield East High School.  We may travel to Brookfield Central or Wauwatosa when they host.

Can my child still play soccer or basketball or volleyball?

We encourage kids to play other sports.  Girls soccer, softball and track are all high school sports that do not conflict with the high school cheerleading schedule.  We will make every attempt to work with your child and their other sport schedules. Cheerleading is a unique team sport and we strongly encourage the girls to attend the majority of practices for the football season in the fall. For the competition team in the winter, the routines are more involved (i.e., some stunting) and for safety reasons, we will insist that the girls attend the majority of practices to participate in the performances.